Procrastination Meme

List the top five ways you distract yourself when you should be writing and then procrastinate some more by sending it to all those other writers who should really procrastinate more often (so we can all catch-up!).

Here are mine:

1) Checking my TV Guide to make sure I haven’t forgot to Sky+ a career-changing film that I might have overlooked whilst scanning the TV guide the previous five times.

2) Cleaning. Literally anything, even if it doesn’t need it. Especially, if it doesn’t need it.

3) Making a cup of tea a.k.a ‘The Tactical Procrastinate’. The more tea you drink, the more you need to visit the bathroom, the more you leave the room and see the TV Guide and things that don’t need cleaning.

4) Surfing websites for updates despite having looked at them five minutes ago, subscribed to their RSS feeds and mobile alerts.

5) Creating meme’s.

I’m tagging Chris Regan, Phillip Barron and James Moran – and whoever you are of course!

Bollocks, back to writing then…


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