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Rob Grant’s Comedy Writing Tips

I was meant to do this before the London Comedy Writers’ Festival but a horrible bug struck me down for some weeks, causing me to miss the actual festival itself!

Anyway, here are my notes from Red Dwarf c0-creator (and therefore Legend) Rob Grant… Continue reading

Barnaby Thompson Q&A

I’ve been asked by quite a few people to give them the highlights of the insightful London Comedy Writer’s Q&A with the Head of Ealing Studios Barnaby Thompson and Head of Development Sophie Meyer. Of course nothing beats being there but I did make notes and here is a summary of the chat they had with Festival Director Chris Jones.

What type of film are Ealing Studios look for? High-concept and culturally specific films. So films like Full Monty and Four Weddings and a Funeral are prime examples of this.

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Ah-ha! London Comedy Writers’ Festival

Yes, a NEW festival and ALL about COMEDY. I can here the ticks being made now!

So who’s coming? Well I can tell you who will be:

Victoria Pile (‘Green Wing’, ‘Smack The Pony’, ‘Spitting Image’), legendary BBC Commissioner and Producer Jon Plowman (simply too many credits, here’s his IMDB) , Jessica Hynes (co-writer of Spaced) and Doug Naylor (‘Red Dwarf’ creator). Plus more…

Don’t miss out: