What Not To Watch

I used to watch soaps when I was younger but started to find them a bit depressing and samey after a while. So I was glad to see that they’ve came a long way since then when I opened my TV Guide the other day:

To be fair, I sympathise with soap writers as the demand to produce five episodes a week must drain the life out of them, it certainly did as a viewer. Nowadays, I’m very career-orientated about what I watch. I want to write film and TV comedy so I watch all I can of those two fields. Although, I did give up on being a footballer at about 15 but I still seem to watch a ridiculous amount of that. No one is perfect.

Last week was quite productive. The web Sketch Show saga began to take shape as we decided on the six sketches we’d film for the first episode. My co-producer and lead-actress seemed genuinely unaware that four of the sketches she had picked out were mine, so that was a pleasant surprise – or she’s a bloody good actress. To be honest its win-win either way.

Despite all the delays, I’m pleased by the way this is going. Originally, I was hoping to film this guerilla style – one man and his camera plus some friends or drama actors, but she’s putting together a proper crew, actors, editors etc. So she’s turned my idea of a simple showreel into a proper pitch for a sketch show – exciting.

I’ve been really working hard on my comedy-drama pilot in the last week having struggled with it for some time. I’ve been doing five pages everyday all last week (thanks Phill), despite having half days at work. It’s been tough but I’m getting through it, no rewrites just five new pages everyday. I know its going to need a lot of editing but you can’t edit a blank page.

I was going to do some more pages last weekend but I seriously needed a break from it. Instead, I brainstormed a few ideas for a radio sketch show that is asking for submissions and watched a few films I was embarrassed to have not seen yet: The Deer Hunter and Bonnie & Clyde. I enjoyed them both, especially The Deer Hunter’s focus on the psychological effects of the events the characters where going through.

Oh and I created a meme that I was surprised to see a few people actually do. Nice one!


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