I’m Back With Some Progress!

Forgive me...

Forgive me...

I know I haven’t written in a while, I’m sorry its not you its me. I’ve been on holiday, or visiting my in-laws who live in a different country as some (me) might put it. However, the past week has been rather productive too – so much so that I’m using the word ‘rather’ in my posts, did you notice?

Actual producers of actual production companies that actually make TV programmes have been actually interested in my work – despite my need for an actual Thesaurus (actually I need a dictionary too according to my spell checker).

I had sent a batch of sketches to one company months ago and got a very positive reply last week. OK they don’t have a sketch show to put them in at the moment but they want to see more of my work. Also, based on some other sketches, another producer put me in touch with someone who is interested in using a sketch I (hurriedly) wrote especially for their TV show – if it gets commissioned. A big, big ‘if’ but its good to have your work considered for TV.

There also seems to be a bit more movement in my sketch show pilot (which contains many of my mentioned calling card sketches) so hopefully we’ll get them filmed soon.

Whilst on ‘holiday’ I read Making It As A Screenwriter by Adrian Mead. If you’re a blog-tart and read a few of the UK writer’s blogs, you’ll notice its been mentioned a lot for its insights and the fact that all profits go to ChildLine. It is a good blueprint of how to get into the industry from bottom to top and gave me a bit more direction which I have badly been needing of late. I’m definitely someone who writes for spec and finds it difficult to know what to write for myself. When I say ‘difficult to know what to write’ I don’t mean I have no ideas, I just don’t know which of the many ideas to dedicate my next few months on first. Phillip Barron rightfully put me in my place here.

Mead’s book says you should have a short (10mins), sitcom, and a feature in your samples package. So I will work on this by writing a one-page pitch for all my ideas and hopefully one of them will scream ‘pick me’ at me otherwise its pick-a-card time. I’ve also got to finish this radio comedy. That is priority number one now.

So that’s me. How are you doing? Fancy a drink?


2 responses to “I’m Back With Some Progress!

  1. Sounds like you’ve come back to some good news! I’ve been putting off reading Making it as a Screenwriter but maybe I will take a look.

  2. It might not be 100% relevant to you as you are already firmly on the ladder but other writers who have features made have praised it.

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