The Horror of It All

BIG NEWS: I’m finally getting some time to write after over a year of upheaval and pretty much abandonment (bringing up my house, redecorating my son). I did some bits and bobs here and there but I feel like a footballer coming back from a long-term injury. It’s good to be back on my feet.

My main focus is to get back onto my comedy scripts but over the past few weeks all attempts of getting myself into that mindset has been thwarted by an idea that came to me about a horror film. Yeah HORROR (?!)

Just to clarify: I’m trying to finish off some sitcom scripts for TV, I have no interest in horror, don’t watch it, don’t want to, yet I have an idea that just won’t go away. I’m being haunted by this horror film idea! Still weeks later, it is dominating my mind. I really like the concept and idea. To my knowledge and research it hasn’t been done but is very relatable (which isn’t word apparently).

So instead of immersing myself in comedy, I’m renting horror movies to research the genre more. I’m going to be terrified for the next few weeks all to feed this beast of an idea. Thanks brain!

But at least I’m writing…

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