2011 Starts Now… well for me

Happy New Year! (a bit late I know but I’ve been away) So 2011 is nice and new and shiny and my ambition is, as usual, at a unmerited high. Time for some outrageous predictions of how I’m going to have a break through year writing followed by a post in September telling you how it all went Andy Gray.

First big decision, for the next month or so, is to DROP ALL FILM PROJECTS. What? Am I crazy (need you ask?)? Drop the area of writing I’m most interested in? Yes, and the main reason for this comes from external deadlines. You gotta love them. They are much better than the ones you can make for yourselves and then fling across the room when you feel like it/daily.

So I also like writing sketches, one-liners and sitcom. They’re also good for credits and in February the topical news sketch show Newsjack is returning on the radio. I’ve had success on this show before and even got invited to a special workshop at the BBC (I do rock the party that rocks the party). It’s great to sharpen the old comedy tools, a nice credit for 2011 and will help get myself back in the writing game. I’ll be trying to get something broadcast on that.

Then at the end of February there is the BBC’s Laughing Stock opportunity. Obviously a massive long shot but I have three sitcom scripts waiting to be polished and sent out and I intend to use this opportunity as a catalyst to finishing one of them and maybe all of them (so just one then). At least I’ll hope to have something to send out from the sitcom draw.

I have made a pact with myself (hah! like they’re worth shit) to finish two comedy pilots before going back into film. But once back in, I’m staying in. I’ve been honest with myself and dropped one project that had a producer attached because I simply wasn’t passionate enough about it – even though it was all my creation. It’s sad but I’ve gone through my list of sixty loglines and found three or four that I’m really passionate about at the moment. Still too many, but better than sixty!

And my big decision about Film is to read the ten or so comedy scripts I’ve been planning to before writing. These scripts are all so different that I feel I won’t end up repeating the tone or style of any of them. It’s a great lesson in film making and also inspirational.

So that’s it for now. Let’s all laugh at this post in the summer. More news on other projects I’m attached to coming very soon…


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