2010: Most Amazing Year Ever

I’ve never been busier yet I’ve hardly written anything. How the hell could this be a good year? Well becoming a father eclipses everything. I won’t go into that as any parent will know what I’m talking about and anyone who isn’t should only appreciate it when/if it happens to them.

The one thing I’ll say about it is that nothing has focused my mind more (as well as mashed it up). I’ve done a lot of adjusting and had to catch up with a lot of work, but I’ve also made some big decisions that I hope will give my writing a real chance.

Having mixed writing and work by developing the London Screenwriters’ Festival website, I hope to do more work in the film-making world in 2011. I’ve also got together a team of website developers to help ease the workload and help take on more work that makes everyone happy. With this extra time I’ll write more. But not only that, I’ve done a grid (inspired by Chris Jones here) that has helped me choose what projects I should be working on first.

The biggest lessons I’ve learned from 2010 is 1) to write what you are most passionate about, not what you think others are or things you have a slight interest in. 2) write with confidence. Find it somehow, make it up, fool yourself into cockiness. If you don’t write confidentially, it won’t read confidentially. You’ll lose hope and the cycle continues downwards.

So now to plan 2011…


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