London Screenwriters’ Festival 2010. Done.

I’ve held off writing this post as I’m still trying to digest what the hell just happened for four days in London. Like many, I’m still feeling a magical buzz from being part of a new, exciting and talented community.

So how to tell this story? I’ve decided not to go all Memento on your ass and do it back to front with flashbacks and tattoos. So let’s just try and start at the beginning shall we?

Even before the festival I had a great meeting with a rising comedy actress and agent who are putting together a stand-up/sketch recording to pitch to the channels. It’s all very promising and I liked their ideas and they liked mine so: exciting!

Then off to the pre-festival drinks in a bar that was… yeah, can’t describe it. A throwback? It certainly had character and characters! There was also a launch going on for a book called Looking At Uranus. Although it was announced the author couldn’t make it because they had gout. It was going to be that sort of night! Anyway, I met some ‘very interesting’ people and it was a nice way to ease into the networking.

I was going to do a day-by-day break down but they’ve all merged into one fantasy-like dream. I’m not even sure some memories happened. Did we have a hot-tub? Anyway, the Skype chat with John August was definitely one of the highlights of day one. I think most people I spoke to had a different favourite session of the weekend, which is a good sign of a festival with something for every one.

To be honest, I didn’t go to a bad session. Other highlights were Distribution in the UK, What the Buyers Want and Writing for the USA and European markets. All very specific and brutally honest.

Of course, what made this event extra special for me were the people I met. A lot of whom I hope to build strong relationships with on both a work and social level. It was all very inspiring and I can see the creative cogs starting to turn with more vigour as the days went by. After all, it can be a lonely place being a writer. I feel the buzz is partly down to being in a world full of other writers. And I thank everyone that I met for their time and company.

So what next? Well, I’m working on keeping those relationships going and a master plan, based on what I have learned over the weekend. The main thing will be to finish my existing projects. There is a lot to gain from having many samples of work. There are also some doors I need to shoulder charge but more as an Arnie rather than a Pee-wee.

So to completely bastardise  Vogler, I feel like I returned from the special world to the ordinary world with the elixir. Although, of course, this is the start of a new movie not the end. OK, let’s just call it a multi-million dollar franchise, shall we? Excellent.


One response to “London Screenwriters’ Festival 2010. Done.

  1. Please put this in a time capsule… I want to know I was present at the birth of something exciting. x

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