Not Writing Improved My Writing

A dream opportunity presented itself to me today which asked for some writing samples. I haven’t written anything but a few sketches and treatments this year so I had to do a bit of a rummaging. On opening some of my favourite scripts I realised two things:
1) Some of this shit is good
2) Some of this shit is shit

And so the editing started. It was a quick polish, but I know I significantly improved two scripts that I thought were OK. They still need rewriting. Even the stuff that I edited today. But the script-reading, watching films, reading of Writing Drama has really moved me forward. Despite not writing scripts for most of the year.

So don’t forget to give your brain and writing a break – maybe not a whole year though!

As for the dream opportunity, well, I don’t want to jinx it yet. I hope to get a shot at scribing an idea that I’m very suitable for and that has already got backing.


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