Writing Drama – Yves Lavandiers

This week I’ve been mainly…

Well, I’m about a fifth of the way through this comprehensive book and I have to say that I’ve made quite a few notes from it. Yes, I have. Especially, on how to create characters. Mainly because that’s what is being covered. See how this all works?

I always disliked the method of filling out a CV of random characteristics, such as favourite drink, colour of pooh. It felt like most of this information was irrelevant and didn’t necessarily develop my individual.

In this book, the focus is on building characters based on how they react to conflict and other characters. And making this different depending on what or who is being reacted too.

Also, we know all about ensuring dialogue isn’t on the nose, but action can be guilty of this too. For example, showing a butler is 100% committed to serving his master could be shown by simply having him do lots and lots of jobs to a high standard (yawn) or… have him refuse to leave his duties even when he is told his Dad has passed away (ahaaaa). Food for thought. (Pun intended).

I’ll leave you in suspense (current chapter) until I decide to share more gems with you all (happy resolution).


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