London Screenwriters’ Festival Discount

Discount codeSo! We were one of the first blogs to announce the launch of the London Screenwriters’ Festival, now let’s be one of the first to point you in the direction of the all important What’s On page!

Yes, Tony Jordan. Yes, Tim Bevan. Yes, a shed load more!!!

Look at these names and look at these events! Having seen and spoken to the festival organisers you won’t believe how much work they have put into making this the best festival on screenwriting there has probably ever been.

Remember, these are changing and challenging times for all film-makers. New strategies have to be formed and new funding opportunities have to be sought. It’s so important to find the best ways to break into and stay part of the film-industry. This is a huge focus of the festival.

What’s more, the discount code of: comedy is still available if you want to get a £37 discount. Remember, currently, the RRP of £299 doesn’t include VAT, but if you leave it too late it will do (tax rules). Take advantage of this tax break. You have no reason to not do so!

What’s on Page


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