London Screenwriters’ Festival Focusing The Mind

There’s only just over 100 days to go before the biggest screenwriting festival in Europe and I’ve typically compiled a list of projects I won’t have ready in time for the festival, but hope I will.

I looked at my new year’s list and laughed (before the depression kicked in proper). Nothing on that list has been completed and very little will be. 2010 has been great for redecorating the house, website work, and having a baby – but don’t mention the writing.

However, the London Screenwriters’ Festival brings its own exciting so I’ve kidded myself I can get my shit together. Last year, I got interest from two agents and three producers thanks to the speed-dating event. If I kept my promises they might have seen something by now. So plenty of incentive, a distinct lack of time.

But anyway, I shall try and have first drafts for 3 sitcom ideas that already have very basic first drafts, and 2 first drafts for film ideas that are at various stages of outlining. One seems to be writing itself so let’s hope it continues and lets me know when it’s optioned.

So there we go. It’s out there now. Although I do know where the ‘delete post’ button is.


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