London Screenwriters’ Festival

Discount codeYesterday, Chris Jones announced on the Production Office that there is going to be an exciting new London Screenwriters’ Festival this year. It’s a completely new organisation than the people that brought you the Cheltenham SWF last year. They are not doing one this year. So this is the only one.

And having spoken to the organisers and given some website input they really are going to make something special happen over the weekend of the 29th-31st October 2010. I can’t wait. And the best thing is that it is cheaper than Cheltenham’s, it’s in London (which will benefit quite a few people) and its over a weekend so you don’t need to lose out on a week’s work!

Make sure you use the discount code: ‘comedy’ to get £37 off and hurry as there are less tickets available than Cheltenham! I’ll see you there.


2 responses to “London Screenwriters’ Festival

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  2. Thanks a ton for taking some time to post “London Screenwriters Festival | Warning: May Contain Nuts”.

    Many thanks once again -Bernd

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