Back in the groove

Ok, I’ve not posted for a ridiculous amount of time. I’m sorry my all of my fan(s). Having a seven-week old boy does that to you. Anyway, some writing news…

NEVER WRITE OFF THE GERMANS is the comedy panel show that pokes a stick at the last few days of World Cup action, separating the truth from the lies, the Bridges from the Terrys and the Capellos from the Crap-ellos. Hosted by Christian O’Connell, the show features the resident English front-two of Andy Parsons and Jon Richardson taking on two guest comedians over a series of rounds that test their World Cup wisdom.

… Is on Radio 2 and I’ve been taken on as a paid researcher (or spotter as they call it) so hopefully lots witty contributions will come out of that. Hopefully. It’s right up my street as I’m footy mad and now have the best excuse ever to watch all the games!

Also, topical sketch show Newsjack returns on BBC7  in June so I’ll be trying to get some more credits on that fun show.

Finally, starting to back into my producer-attached feature treatment. I’ve done a new Beat Sheet for it that hopefully allows enough breathing space for my issues/stories to be told. I’ve also got the DVDs and scripts I want to go through, from films that are in some way related to my feature. I’ll have to sneak these into my Bank Holiday weekend as I know the little one will require some much deserved attention from his Dad. Yeah, that is me.

Next week I’m in a meeting with a few ‘influential’ people so there might be an announcement coming very soon. Watch this space! I know this space has been blank for a while, but watch it next week!


2 responses to “Back in the groove

  1. Congratulations on becoming a dad! Am impressed you’ve managed to get some work done at the same time!

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