I’m still not 100% sure what I made of the film event of the century (albeit we’re only ten years in). I was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the film.

The visuals (especially in 3D) were stunning, worth seeing just for that. The actual story: far too long and self-indulgent especially as you knew from quite early on what was going to happen. The person-infiltrates-group-but-then-fights-for-the-group-against-his-own-people plot has been done many times. Most storylines have but this one dragged its heels after a promising start. Maybe I’m a bit too picky these days?

Also the anti-war message was pretty in your face, even blue people couldn’t make you see past that. But the world that was created was mind-blowing, however I felt more touched by The Princess and The Frog which is -2D. I’m getting old…


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