2010 Preview

First of all: Happy New Year! 2009 was a pretty decent year for my writing. More credits and projects to work on. There is no point setting specific annual targets like I did last year as a lot of them weren’t achieved due to new projects taking their place or me losing faith in them and ditching them.

The highlights were getting on Newsjack and being invited to their writers day, getting agents and producers interested in my comedy and film ideas/scripts, meeting writers in Cheltenham, and writing a few drafts of a pilot comedy.

The near-miss was having stuff recorded for Laura Salon’s radio show but not making the cut. Progress none the less.

My aims for 2010 is to keep on improving. Improving the amount of time I spend writing, the amount of films and scripts I analyse and improve my writing as a result of these first couple of steps. So back to it, have a good year!


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