Merry Politically Correct Holidays and A Happy New Decade

Sorry about abandoning this blog recently. It won’t happen until the next time. I have been very busy – woohoo! But mainly with house redecorating – yawn.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went to a workshop at the BBC for the new series of BBC Radio 7’s Newsjack. The purpose was to get writers in that they liked from the first series and go through a typical day in the life of a commissioned writer. I found it painful. But only because I had pulled my back the night before, playing football, and the neurofen hadn’t kicked in yet.

Otherwise it was a great way of seeing how others work and learning what they are looking for in the new series. You can see what they want by visiting the Writersroom, but basic tips are to not repeat the same joke over and over and over and over in a sketch and to keep the sketches under three minutes. Also reading them out loud is a good way to hear what works. Good to meet the fellow writers and producers too.

I’ve also been writing more of my sitcom pilot and plotting a comedy film that a producer has interest in after reading the treatment. This Christmas will be a writing marathon for me. Too much happening at the start of 2010 to waste it. I’m going to waste it aren’t I? Well, ideally I will edit a draft of a comedy pilot I wrote last year and send it to some agents from the SWF in Cheltenham, plus have some more characters fleshed out for my comedy film. On top of that I hope to have a first draft of the sitcom pilot that attracted a fair bit of interest from agents and producers at the SWF.

So until 2010 have a good holidays and a brilliant new decade!


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