(500) Ideas This Summer

Every now and then I get to go to a free preview of a film at the cinema. One of my main reasons for doing this is because the cinema is in danger of becoming obsolete. It usually costs £7.50 per person (so £15 for a couple) to go to, while my movie rental costs roughly £1.20  per film and I can have all of my friends over – all three of them. OK, I may have to a wait few months for it to become a rental but I also benefit from it being in HD (Blu-ray) which my cinema isn’t. So going to the cinema is a bit like going to the Natural History museum – its nice to see how people lived.

I had enjoyed watching The Proposal a few weeks back which was a funny, if still a template, movie. But last week my expectations were surpassed by (500) Days of Summer, which was an original and very funny movie. Without SPOILING the plot I can say I was impressed with the structure the writers adopted – certainly not templated. The dialogue and scenes also seemed refreshingly enjoyable, it really felt like the writers put their own personal thumb-print on this film. Listening to a podcast interview with one of them confirmed this and made me look at the ideas I had for films to see how personal they were. The answer: 99% weren’t.

They were ideas I thought Hollywood or low-budget Indies would like. They meant nothing to me. Of course plenty of writers write like this but my favourite films aren’t done like this and when I looked at my own experiences and life I found some ideas that are quite original and, more importantly,  interesting to me. Basically, I was inspired to tell the stories I want to tell rather than ones I thought of after seeing other people’s films. To not to try and adopt a ‘Hollywood voice’.

Anyway, (500) was quite inspiring without blowing my mind. It reminded me that originality starts from within, not from thinking like someone else.

This post has taught me that the above short paragraph sums up the whole post without the need of the rest. Sorry.


One response to “(500) Ideas This Summer

  1. Cool, I’m looking forward to seeing this film.

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