So some good news… I wrote a sketch that got broadcast on BBC 7’s topical news sketch show NewsJack last night. Apparently not many non-commissioned writers get sketches on, they mainly get one-liners or Vox Pops on so its good news really.

I have to say my sketch got edited slightly to replace some of my gags with some of their’s, but we all have different opinions when it comes to comedy and it was well-received so I won’t complain (much).

Its good to keep getting these radio credits whilst working on the longer form (sitcom/film). I wonder what it take to be a commissioned writer given that I’ve written for nearly all the non-comm shows on the BBC in the last two years? Shit. That was almost a complaint, sorry.

Anyway, a weekend of writing ahead, I’m getting a lot more time to write these days so things are progressing. Who would have thought that would happen?


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