The Proposal

The Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival is in October and I’ve fortunately secured three five-minute speed dates with both agents and producers. Nothing focuses the brain more than that! My target for the event is to have the following:

Two completed comedy pilots (one is in draft 5, one is in draft -5)

The sketch show pilot (already done – tweaks required though)

Two movie treatments (high-level outlines have already been completed on about four)

I would like to have more to chose from but I’m setting my targets low unlike my New Year ones which would have me holding an Oscar by now. Also, I can’t pitch them all so I’d hope one or two of them would be a shining light by then.

I haven’t written a feature yet and purposely didn’t try to write one yet whilst I was concentrating on the thirty minute format. However, I’ve got the structure that I would like to follow for it so I won’t be going into it blind-folded – like I did with my first attempt at sitcom which is still lying in the corner of my room scorched round the edges and incomplete.

Back to writing…


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