De Terminator

Yeah, I’ve noticed every time I include the name of a TV show or a film in my title I get a huge rise in hits. Its an atom-sized victory but they all count. Anyway, my rewriting is a bit like going to the dentist. I know I have to do it, but I know its going to be painful and if I’m a good boy I’ll let myself have a treat at the end of it (work on something else).

I don’t know if its the same with other writers but whenever I have a new idea to work on I envision it as something glorious and expect it to give me the buzz I get when I first see something new and brilliant. Of course, the closer I get to writing it the less brilliant it feels and then misery ensues. When is a first draft ever going to be like an episode of The Office?

So I’m trawling through draft after draft of a script, losing confidence it it, gaining confidence in it. Writing blog posts instead of concentrating on it. When will it all end??? Page 53 I think.


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