Don’t take that tone…

OK, I seem to be finding as many new tricks to hinder my writing as to improving it. This is a first: I’ve planned out all my characters and got a good plot for the first episode of a sitcom idea I really like. I’ve even got a theme to it.

What’s stopping me go any further is I’m struggling to get the tone right. If that’s even the right word. Hell, I can’t even get the problem names right!

I’ve got two other pilots at various ages of development and I had no problem finding the style of comedy (is that the word?) that I wanted. The theme came after at least one draft. One of them is quick-paced, reality based, ensemble humour, another is medium-paced, reality-mixed with farce. Yeah, I’ve gone cross-eyed too.

I haven’t planned this enough have I? Bollocks, ignore this post…


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