Sketches Online!

Ok so we’re rolling out some edits of our sketch show on Funny or Die and already the good people there have featured one of them as their clip of the day.

However, we are a bit suspicious as we were 80% funny for most of the day until a flurry of DIES in about half an hour evened us out abit. hmmm… Also the feedback from the forums were very positive about the clips so I don’t know what to make of it. So see what you make of it and click FUNNY… please.

Overall, given the fact it was my debut as director and editor without any training, I’m pleased with the outcome although I know what I can and will do a lot better in the future. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do more and a production company are following this all closely. Our best sketches are still to come!


2 responses to “Sketches Online!

  1. Really impressed with your sketches – they’re very professionally shot and I could easily see them as part of a longer sketch show. Funny too – I kind of liked the Fast-Show-esque snappiness of the two shorter ones, but the one with the curtains was good too. Was that you guest-starring as Superman?

  2. Hey, thanks Chris. Much appreciated. And no Lois… I’m not superman, just call me Clark…

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