Back Once Again

Haha! I’ve got no reason for starting this post like that or what indeed I’m going write about after that, I just feel I should write something. There you go, honesty and salesmanship working in perfect opposites.

Recently my writing life has been all about sketches. Writing topical ones for Watson’s Wind-up, editing the sketches we filmed last November and submitting samples to various opportunities that I don’t want to mention so that when I get rejected no one will be the wiser. Ah…

The good news is that the editing of sketches, whilst hard and time-consuming, went very well and the feedback from my producer was excellent. I’ve just got to fine-tune two of them before releasing them into the world (YouTube). I’m not excited as everyone else about this though. Having written most of them, directed them and edited them I’ve probably seem them all more times than anyone should. And, thus, don’t find them as funny as I would like. Everyone else that’s seen them seems to genuinely love them, however, these are all close friends of the crew so they’re not exactly Simon Cowell.

I’ve also booked my accomodation for the Screewriters Festival in Cheltenham. TravelLodge have been selling rooms on the cheap and so I snapped up a decent deal, although I’ll have to check-out and check-in again on one of the days. I’m not sure how I’ll go about that without turning up to the seminars with my special teddy and sex doll.

Now, with a whole shit load of work out the way, I’m concentrating on finishing off my sitcom/comedy drafts. I’ve put the comedy drama on the back-burner as it was buggung me a lot and I suddenly realised its probably because the story didn’t mean anything to me. I had literally thought ‘what would THEY want to see’. None of its me, so that will either show in the script or it’ll work and I’ll have to write more of the bastard.


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