Rough Sketch

Those of you keeping tabs on this blog will know that there has been many ups and downs in Web Sketch Show series. Well, recently we got a down and two ups all at once. The down was that the producer called me up to say that the editing fell through again. The up was that another producer loves the rough edits and wants us to put the final edits on a DVD for him to ‘get it made’.

A bit of catch-22 when the editing seems to be the problem we are having. However, after a couple of days of merging my head into Google, I finally found a way of converting the rushes (filmed clips) into a format that I CAN EDIT with. The second up.

You see being a WRITER I don’t posses the £600+ Final Cut software or the £1000+ MAC to edit the originals on. But having directed the shoot and having got great feedback on the edits, I did want to play a big part in the final edits. You have to be careful what you wish for as now I’m playing the full part.

Of course I’m taking the ‘get it made’ with the usual pinch of salt you should take with any proposition. The problem is that I’ve had so many pinches of salt recently I’m on the verge of heart disease.


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