Things that happened while I was away

So while I was away in New York and the East Coast I managed to do the following:

1) Watch three films on the plane out to JFK:
Slumdog Millionaire – as good as everyone says
Rachel Getting Married – great performance from Anna Hathaway, but otherwise a bit meh!
Burn After Reading – a good laugh, better than I was expecting after some bad reviews

2) Get another sketch into the Treason Show. Well the email confirming that it was performed, I wrote it a week before leaving. That’s two out of two for 2009. Don’t tell them but both were written as samples for other writing teams. At least they got used.

3) I got an email from the BBC telling me that my sample sketches ‘stood out’ and wanting me to submit more for a topical news radio show in April.

4) Ran up the ‘Rocky‘ steps and did the celebration at the top, in Philadelphia. Which, by the way, isn’t called Philadelphia – its Philly. You only make that mistake once.

5) Watched classic Ice Hockey movie Slap Shot with an Ice Hockey fan. Which, by the way, isn’t called Ice Hockey – its called hockey, as according to American’s “where else would you play hockey?” I didn’t explain.

6) I watched just one movie on the flight from JFK to Heathrow due to the shit not on-demand system the 777 has. I watched Doubt. Didn’t do it for me. I wanted to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona that was after it but Doubt put me to sleep. Bastards.

7) I didn’t meet the legend Phillip ‘the legend’ Barron in New York even though I just found out he was over there at the same time. Woody Allen was there too. What’s wrong with these people? So unsociable. I’m glad I didn’t watch Vicky Cristina now.


2 responses to “Things that happened while I was away

  1. newtowritinggirl

    I did the rocky steps when I was there too, fun isn’t it. I also had a crowd of school children behind me – felt like rocky himself (just with less muscle, less height, less fit and a great deal more female!) 🙂

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