Writing Tip #76232: Don’t Write

Yeah, I’m going against the grain. I’m a rebel without applause (seriously, shows have to add it to all my sketches). I’ve just come back from an eleven-day trip to the east coast of America where I wrote absolutely nothing, or as some would put it: “your best work to date.”

So as I got into my old writing groove (watch TV, surf, open Final Draft, minimise Final Draft, surf…) I thought I would be a bit out of touch when looking at rewrites for various projects. But NO, I had new, better ideas than before as well as ones which involved bling fights in Brooklyn and a bagel king.

I’ve tried to keep a writing routine this year, as many books advise, but its just as important to break it every now and then and get out in the world. Not just your house, town, region. Hear different voices, see different neighbourhoods, taste different high-in-saturated-fat foods (seriously where do they sell salad?).

Some ideas that I had almost binned got revisited as I worked out that I had just got bored of them at the time. Not writing has done my writing some real good.

Note: you probably all know this already but I’m hoping to reference this post if the Inland Revenue ask why I’ve expensed an eleven day trip to America including a full-rack of BBQ ribs and a Muhammed Ali bobble head.


One response to “Writing Tip #76232: Don’t Write

  1. My comparison would be with exercising. I’ve read that taking a week off after 12 weeks of exercise is a good thing and revs you up for the next round of workouts.

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