Oh yeah, this blog

Sorry, I haven’t updated this recently. I’ve just got a job writing for 30 Rock in New York and I’m off on Thursday! OK, that’s what I wish was the reason for my slackness. The truth is I’ve working on various writing and non-writing projects and just generally wasting a lot of time.

Some part of my lie is true as I’m off to New York on Thursday and I am working for 30 Rock. OK, ok, the 30 Rock bit IS a lie. I will watch it daily and maybe stalk Tina Fey while I’m there, but nothing weird.

I have been writing for Watson’s Wind-up and getting stuff broadcast which is nice and I’ve also bought a new mini laptop, which isn’t called a mini laptop – its called a notebook (basically, a mini laptop):

This is actually life-size. Its tiny. But should be enough to carry on writing when I’m in the States.

So there!


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