Another treason to be pleased

These title puns are getting lame – I’ll keep them coming.  I’ve just found out that the last two sketches I’ve sent the Treason Show have got performed, its just a shame I’ve only sent them two in the last six months. I’m not massively into writing topical sketches but with the BBC opening doors in this area I’m seeing the value of doing them more often. I am in it for the love of writing, honest.

In other news (oh shit, you can tell I’ve been watching it), I’m outlining a pilot episode of one sitcom, whilst reading the comedy script first draft I finished in January. You never know, I might actually send something out soon.

My age also increased by one at the weekend and by twenty years on the Wii Fit yesterday. Bastards! (in the direction of life and Nintendo Entertainment Systems).

And finally (sport?), I’ve got my tickets for the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival in October so I look forward to seeing some of my fellow bloggers. I hope my extremely low expectations of them will be met. Where to stay though? Hotel, B&B, Guest House or skip?


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