Good/Bad Habits

I remember the first time I started to naturally watch films from a writer’s perspective. I felt like that kid from The Sixth Sense – I saw dead people, or people I wanted to kill for lazy structure/dialogue/lifestyles. It was like getting a power that was both a gift and a curse.

More recently I’ve gained this new super-power where by I not only spot holes in scripts but I also fix them in my own mind – or if the wife is watching, I suddenly pause the DVD and tell her what they could of done to fix something she didn’t see broken in the first place (usually this second scenario ends with an awkward silence where my wife manages to pull a face that perfectly says “What the fuck do you think you are doing? Press play now or you’re in a straight jacket by News at Ten”).

I hope this is a sign of progress writing-wise as its certainly a sign of divorce marriage-wise.


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