Write on Track

Another first draft completed! Over the bloody moon as its been the comedy-drama that I’ve been (not) working on for a while now. Just to recap, I started writing too early, got stuck, turned my back on it hoping it would sort itself, it didn’t (it just wouldn’t flush!), rewrote the outline, finished the draft. It still has a few holes in it but I know what I plan to Polyfilla it with. It comes in at 58 pages which is about 10 pages to much. So not so bad.

By the way, my definition of a first draft is just the first attempt at a completed script. I know its different for other people. There will be lots of rewriting, but I can put it away now for at least a week and not feel the guilt that I should be doing – something which I’ve felt for months! Especially as I have someone waiting to see this script finished.

Now to choose from my library of ideas of what to work on for the next week(s)… Some one remind me why I prefer this to a stable, boring job… Oh, I’ve done that answering my own question thing.


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