Sketch Show Boost

So I met with the producer of our web Sketch Show yesterday and things are really picking up in pace. A new production company is editing the sketches at the moment and, having seen a few of them, I’m very pleased with the outcome. Some need a few tweaks but there is scope for it so we’re happy that this is all going forward and no one thinks its a bag of shite… yet.

This article in the Times is also quite encouraging as it promotes the use of internet comedy as a way of getting noticed by TV producers. It’s a big dream, but you have to have them if you’re going to have any chance of succeeding (I am the new Aristotle!). I’ll be posting them here as soon as we’ve finished those tweaks.

We’re already planning another shoot for the next batch of sketches, so as the writer and newbie director I’m pleased that people want to continue to work on this project.

Finally, ‘friend of the blog’ (did I just use that corny phrase? No, you misread) Chris Regan has had some pretty major news. The film what he wrote ‘Ten Dead Men’ has just come out on DVD in the USA! Fuck yeah! I’ve also heard it may be released in the UK (well he said it on his blog). Jolly Good show! So many congratulations.

Shit, can I do another finally? Well, its my blog! I’m off to the cinema next Wednesday and can’t decide what to see. The nominees are:

Revolutionary Road
Seven Pounds
Slumdog Millionnaire (Apparently not about a US rapper)

Any recommendations welcome.


One response to “Sketch Show Boost

  1. Thanks for the plug! It has been picked up for UK distribution but no idea of a release date yet – hopefully you’ll get to see it when it does.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished comedy sketches.

    I haven’t seen any of those films yet so can’t help, sorry!

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