First Draft – Done!

Hurrah! And its a Friday. I’m quite pleased that I finished the first draft of a comedy script, especially as I actually planned it all properly and didn’t make my fatal mistake of writing too soon. It flowed nicely on to the page and although I know there will be a lot of rewriting I feel a sense of achievement.

This actually feels like my first proper draft of a 30 minute comedy. I abandoned one last year as I had got myself into all sorts of mess by writing it too early and my successes so far have been with sketches for radio and stage.

I can now go back to the 45-minute comedy-drama that had also been suffering from lack of planning and possibly confidence, with new found confidence that I can finish a proper draft!

Also the web sketch show saga seems to be coming to more fruitful end. We’ve had the footage ‘in the can’ since late November last year but I was surprised to get a version of the sketches this week. I say ‘a verison’ as I was told I would be given the opportunity to give feedback etc. as I also directed it. The sketches are not bad at all but I do need some changes so the best way to get this done is to do it myself. I’ve edited a few things before so it makes sense as my vision as the writer/director should probably extend to the edits.

Oh look the sun’s just come out!


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