Talent School

Coincidences are nothing new. There you go, you can have that one for free. However, this one’s got some beating. We all have our favourite actors and actresses and you occasionally hear about people bumping into them at the shops or at AA, but I found out on Friday that I actually went to the same school as one of my favourite actresses. Still not impressed? OK, she was in my year. No? She was in my class. Better than that, we were actually friends at school ie went to each others parties etc.

I just didn’t remember her surname and so didn’t make the connection when she hit our screens a few years ago as she decided not to look like a eight year-old any more.

Facebook was the facilitator here. I got tagged in a school photo (one where I’m wearing a bright yellow tank top and cap) and contacted a few of the people also tagged in the photo to try and explain that I didn’t become the gay fashion designer my attire suggested I would and the discovery was made (the one about the actress not me being… anyway). So we’re now having a nice little exchange about this weird coincidence and so far she doesn’t think I’m a childhood stalker.

Writing-wise its going slowly but surely, I’m getting through a sitcom script and have made plans to go to my first Screen Writers Festival in Cheltenham. I may need my hand held by any of you regular festival goers, what bands are playing?

I’m also going to try and shoot some sketches at home as I wrote a few solo ones and it seems quicker to just do everything yourself. The sketch show we filmed late last year is near the end of post-production so hopefully something to show soon.


2 responses to “Talent School

  1. Ah the wonders of facebook. But you can’t leave us hanging like that! Who is your famous friend?

    A clue at least?

  2. I’ve actually spelt out her name in the post. You have to find the pattern…

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