So we are two weeks into the new year, just in case nobody noticed, and things have been progressing quite averagely. I’m pleased with that as usually by now I’ve thrown my 2009 (the old break-through year) Year Planner out the window and start looking forward to 2010 (the break-through year), but I’ve stuck to my guns.

I’m a third of a way through a sitcom script and have been planning a few more. My key philosophy for this year is to not start writing the script until I have written down a paragraph explaining exactly what happens in each scene. Not just: “Edward insults the dog,” but how he does it and the plot point of that scene. Basics maybe for the experienced but I know a few writers (myself included) who start writing too early and lose direction and then hope (myself included!).

I’m also interested in getting a HD handheld video camera to film a few short sketches that don’t need a full crew etc. I have no idea what’s decent so get in touch if you have any tips.

Finally, the Golden Globes were quite interesting weren’t they? What do you mean ‘no’? There were some deserved winners in: 30 Rock, Heath Ledger and ‘our’ Kate Winslet. I’m glad Speilberg got his recognition, I don’t care what anyone says because he’s not only created some amazing films, but some unforgettable life experiences. I shit myself everytime I swim in the deep sea, and I’m never making friends with a little alien in case they abandon me in a field.


2 responses to “Left-right-left-left

  1. Happy new year! Good luck with your projects. I don’t know much about cameras unfortunately. Ten Dead Men was mostly filmed on a Sony Z1 I believe, which was cool but I think they’re expensive unless you can find a second-hand one somewhere. And they’re not exactly handheld either, so that was probably no help at all!

    • Yes they are all very expensive. One of my best friends has just had a baby and has bought a nice Canon HD camcorder, I’m thinking of borrowing it although I don’t want to rob him of any amazing moments. Stuff it, shitting your nappy isn’t anything amazing to film – well not at that age.

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