2009 Targets

Well 2008 went quite well, but there is plenty of room for improvement. So on to 2009, here are my targets…

1) Finish that bloody comedy drama that I should have finished ages ago and get it broadcast on the radio.

2) Finish at least three comedy pilot scripts in the first quarter of the year and send them out.

3) Finish at least two film scripts.

4) Submit a treatment for a comedy book idea I have for next Christmas.

5) Promote the sketch series we shot in November and film more.

I’ve kept these targets very realistic as I know I can do these things. These are targets not wishes. Wishes would be…

1) Get award-winning comedy drama commissioned for BBC One Prime Time.

2) Get three comedy series commissioned for terrestrial TV in the first month.

3) Get two films optioned, one with Hollywood.

4) Win the Booker Prize.

5) Win a BAFTA and Comedy Awards for best sketch show of the decade.

6) Discover the cure for cancer.

So its probably best to stick with the targets for now… Have a good one!


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