2008 End of Year Report

ukeleleWell I’ve had a week off writing as I needed all my time to work on something else (which will remain nameless as it makes it seem a bit more interesting than it really is). It was hell, I’m glad to say, which means I might like this craft. Anyway, this Christmas gives me two weeks to write and I’ve realised that I’m still not planning enough before I write so outline, outline, outline will be (outline) on my mind more (outline, outline) often.

Here is my 2008 progress report:

I came into 2008 with the following writing credits:
Yep, that is none. But I was at least collaborating on the following:
Oh dear. Well ok, I only started to take writing seriously in 2008 after becoming a finalist in the 2007 4Laughs/Baby Cow sketch competition. Fortunately this year, I’ve managed to get sketches onto two different BBC Radio Sketch Shows with a third show interested in a few sketches I wrote to be broadcast early 2009 (who’s the daddy? Seriously, let me know). I also got a sketch on the Treason Show so I’ve spread my sketchy wings.

During the summer I started working on the web series sketch show which dragged on a bit but got filmed near the end of the year. The little bits of feedback from the rough cuts have been good.

Then I was encouraged to write a comedy drama which I started writing way too early and which is only now beginning to get its shape/purpose/direction back.

Aside from that I have been working on far too many film and comedy ideas which ended up with me going no where as I kept swapping between 20 or so ideas. I’ve only just narrowed them down to about six, three of which I will try and outline before choosing one to finish first.

I also got invited to be part of a team for a show submitted to the Comedy Lab 2009, but who knows where that will go now Channel 4 has ditched its 4Talent scheme.

Oh and I won a yellow Ukulele (pictured with objects to show scale and my wealth) which to be honest eclipses everything else I or you have ever done. Merry Christmas!


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