Committing Treason

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when I got an email from the Treason Show telling me that they owed me money! Even better, for a sketch I wrote. I had no idea it got in as I didn’t start getting the show-run until a few weeks after I had submitted the sketch, and it wasn’t on that.

It was a topical one about David Blaine, just after his latest attention seeking twat-fest (sorry, just been watching Charlie Brooker), and I got a quick reply saying it was going into rehearsals the next day. I know its this sketch as its the only one I sent them this year. So there is a chance they got it wrong and they’ve given me one of Phill’s sketches instead. So I’m waiting for Wrong Door to get in touch claiming they need to pay me for that too.

So anyway, that’s radio, stage, newspaper and web that have been subject to my ‘comedy’. Just TV and film to go – should be natural progression, right?

I also got my yellow ukelele from Shooting People today, I already have an idea for a sketch for that so watch this space.

Talking about sketches, I got emailed the first rough cut of one of the sketches we shot for the web series. It looks great so hopefully we’ll have something to show soon.

And I’m still struggling with my comedy-drama mainly because I’m finding (and inventing) other projects to get on with, and completely avoiding it as its sort of broken although I’ve sort of mangled it in to some sort of shape – a cow.

And that’s it. I’ve got to stop making this sound like a diary!

Food: Oatbix, pitta bread with ham, cheese, pickle and salad.


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