Stepping into the Unknown

I’ve been meaning to write a blog almost everyday this week but just as I’m about to release my usual amount of pointless randomness things change again. It’s all been about the Sketch Show pilot that I’m (more and more) involved in. I’ve written some of the sketches and will be debuting as a director. Shooting is this Saturday, or as I’ve been calling it: ‘fucking tomorrow! Shit!’

At the start of this week we realised that the four sketches we had chosen to shoot weren’t the best for both the producer/actor, myself or the show. I hurriedly wrote a new sketch in a day and we agreed that it balanced it out more in our favour. However, it involved getting an extra actress at short notice. On Thursday (yesterday) we looked like we found one only to find out later that she couldn’t make it as she had just got an audition.

So we resigned ourselves to shooting the not-as-fab four sketches we originally had as it was all getting stressful. Except I couldn’t let it go. So I managed to write two sketches in an hour based on exactly the resources we had available for Saturday. I sent them and within minutes got a call back from the producer. I was expecting a bollocking for trying to change things so late but instead she absolutely loved them and added them to the shooting schedule, so we are now shooting six sketches! Which means I’m directing six sketches, oh and I’ve inadvertently got myself acting in the two new ones (Producer’s idea). I mean how many more ways do they want me to fuck this all up? 🙂

So we’ve got some top actors (one we rejected was the lead in an advert I saw yesterday), top equipment and crew (from a TV production company) and me (oh). I am actually looking forward to it, although every now and then I have a FIT OF PANIC. Expect a blog on Sunday if I’ve survived. Back to those sketch show DVD box sets…


2 responses to “Stepping into the Unknown

  1. Good luck with the shoot! I look forward to hearing how it went.

  2. Me too, exactly what he said.

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