Changing Direction

So last week was a first for me in two ways (Christ, I sound like a call girl). I went to a casting session for the Sketch Show I’m developing and, having acquired professional actors, film crew etc, my co-producer somehow agreed to let me have a go at directing for the first time ever. A real recipe for disaster.

However, I’m glad to say it went very well. You see, when I write I film everything in my head even the camera shot. I know this because my scripts are full of actions and I certainly direct from the page. For once this was useful as I found myself giving plenty of ‘direction’ during the casting. Luckily we were working on one of the scripts I had written as well, so I kind of knew all the characters inside out. Plus, I’m used to ‘dealing with people’ in my job so that wasn’t too bad either – although I don’t think I should have used violence quite so much.

The difficulty was knowing how to behave whilst they are reading my script. I found myself giggling along with them, as they were doing it so well. But is it right for me to be giggling at my own script? I mean I’ve read it a million times and giggled maybe only a few times during that. Plus I usually don’t giggle, I’m a ‘honk like a horn once’ kind of guy. I think I mentioned the fact that I was giggling at them and not my script too many times too.

So we’ve got another casting coming up soon and we’ve agreed that I shall be directing the first episode and hopefully the series. I’m pleased because it will be a good experince and its always good to have more than one creative skill on your CV. Especially as I’m not sure if armpit farts count.


3 responses to “Changing Direction

  1. I have no idea when it comes to directing so I’m impressed. It will be great experience too. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Awesome. I too have no concept of how to direct and would probably end up sitting in the corner in a pool of my own wee, gibbering to myself whilst unable to make a single decision. So lots of respect.

  3. You mean I shouldn’t be doing that, Phill? Oh.

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