It’s all me, me, me

For those of you that are keeping tabs on my work: bloody hell you’re nosy! But ok, I’ll give you an update. The Web Sketch Show has six sketches (four of which are mine) for the pilot and the crew is coming together pretty quickly. Shooting should be sometime this month.

A production company has pitched a sketch show to this year’s Comedy Lab that I might be part of the writing team for if it gets commissioned.

I have decided which sitcom and feature I’m going to start writing out of a list of many ideas. This was holding me up for a while as I was torn between a few, so its a big deal to have sorted. I’m still working on ideas for a short and there is a competition for short scripts that I will be entering soon.

And finally, I have got my story beats back in order for the comedy-drama that had turned into a personal psychological horror for me.

Oh, and I got Sky HD. It is amazing and you end up watching all sorts of nature shit just to marvel at the amazingness.


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