Trick or Treatment?

You see what I did there? That’s right: a piece of crap to go along with the current state of my comedy drama which I’ve had to put a halt too. Basically, I was so eager to get this written that I grossly under-prepared my treatment making it far to vague to work with. The result is a first draft with directionless scenes and a lack of character arc. I was on page 38 out of my targeted 50 and I thought I’ll just plough through to the end anyway but realised I was still on page 1 of character development. The plot is fine but just isn’t driven by the characters decisions and choices – I forgot that link. Amateur.

So back to the storyboard. I’m getting a helicopter out of this jungle and getting a proper map made. In the meantime I can go back to some other writing projects that I’m more familiar with and, in particular, getting my writer’s script package together as mentioned in Andrew Mead’s Making It As a Screenwriter book:

1) Short (10 mins)

2) Sitcom/Comedy (30 mins)

3) Drama (45-60 mins) – this will be the script mentioned above

4) Feature (85-120 mins)

At this stage I’m just sorting through my list of ideas and working out which ones are candidates for each of the four above. I will then call a very general election and vote on the winner – a bit like the US elections but with (hopefully) more of a contest.

I’ve also just got Final Draft and, looking at the way its been marketed, look forward to opening it and watch it write an Oscar winning screenplay before my very eyes. That’s why it costs so much right?


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