Rejected But Not Dejected

“This week I’ve been mostly: getting rejections!” I must have nothing much to say if I’m revealing this, but as much as I hate airing my failures I guess its important to tell that side of the tale too (I’m sure I’ve just cheered some of you up!)

To be fair I was expecting them as I grossly under prepared for two writing competitions. The first one was with Movie Mogul where you had to write a treatment based on a logline. Then it bizarrely turned into a popularity contest as you had to get all your mates to vote for you (they even sent you emails saying just that!) and the top ten would get judged by a panel. I only discovered this competition two weeks before the deadline and although I outlined a story I liked, I left about two days to write the treatment and it came out bad. So bad that I told none of my friends out of sheer embarrassment and told only some supportive members of the BSG Forums who kindly voted for me. I ended up 11th.

When the 2008 Sitcom Trials was launched I decide not to enter it as I had a whole list of other ideas I wanted to focus on. A week before the deadline I decided I should enter. Not only that but I decided to conceive a sitcom from scratch and actually started writing the script with three days to go. I actually sent the script five minutes before the deadline and got an email back highlighting the fact. It was my third draft and I would have done another read-through but I had no more time. I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t get shortlisted.

So I don’t feel too dejected by these two ‘failures’ as they are mainly down to not having enough time to give it a proper go. On the upside I’ve been encouraged to do some more radio work and the synopsis of one idea went done well with an influential contact.

I’m also mulling over some ideas for the Comedy Lab. I have two ideas: a comedy and a sketch show. The sketch show will probably need to be collabrative and part of the sketch show pilot I’m going to get filmed next month. I’ll probably write the comedy in the last week, so I can complain about being rejected because of the time issues again – no I will try not to.


One response to “Rejected But Not Dejected

  1. I always do that – decide not to enter a comp then get an idea right before the deadline and rush it out. Never worked for me either, but I still think it’s worth doing – all writing is good practice, and you may go back to one of those projects at a later date and find another place for them.

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