What’s Been Up?

Considering that I use this blog to warm-up for writing, and I haven’t blogged for a week, you might think nothing has been happening of late (for about a week). Well you might be wrong! I’ve hit that classic ‘can’t reveal too much’ stage, which is annoying as I want to tell my avid fan (not plural on purpose) about what’s been happening.

I can reveal that some of my sketches are being filmed in October now, hopefully in time to submit with others for the Comedy Lab 2009. I’ve also got two other ideas for the lab and I’m determined to submit them as going through the full process does make me a better writer – as well as a greyer one.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of podcasts of late, particularly the Creative Screenwriting Q&A’s that Chris Regan mentions in his podcast (plug). It’s amazing how people approach writing differently, which shows you should do whatever works for you. It was also frustrating to hear how easy writing Juno seemed to be for Diablo Cody. Two months! No removed scenes!!! To be fair I can only admire that. I’m genuinely not an envious person, people feel that hard to believe but success is inspiration to me.

So that’s a mini-update for now. There will be more shortly, did my fan miss me?


One response to “What’s Been Up?

  1. Well done on the sketches being filmed! Good luck with sumitting the others. Yeah, it’s annoying not being able to blog about stuff that’s happening – I had a whole mini blog crisis about that. Still, there are good reasons for such things.

    Thanks for plugging the podcast and glad you’re enjoying the Creative Screenwriting one.

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