Learning to Love the First Draft

I’ve just completed the first draft of a sitcom pilot and its shockingly poor in places and I love it! Which means I’ve made a breakthrough.

Let me digress (note: you don’t have much say). This is the first time I’ve written a sitcom since a year or so of ‘education’ having started my first sitcom pilot by writing FADE IN. No surprise that I am still having problems with that first sitcom (after two years!), but have finished the first draft of my second sitcom in less than a week.

I was always far too precious over my writing, even if I had an outline. I hated waste. I just simply wouldn’t continue writing until I had perfected (whatever, I think that means) what I was currently doing. It was actually physical, I just wouldn’t type. However, I burst through this wall and realise how much you can improve your script by just writing any old crap and then going back to improve it. Especially as doing this helps you create other threads that improve the story and make you look clever, when really you started with a load of shit.


One response to “Learning to Love the First Draft

  1. That’s the trick and the lesson I had to learn… just keep writing. Write it. Get it down. Too many times I get stuck trying to write a masterpiece… and then I don’t get through the first page. Great, great lesson. Thanks for sharing.


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