Opening Swivelling Doors

My master plan to become a hugely successful writer started in seriousness (ie practising answers for Parkinson) about a year ago. I wanted to finish a TV sitcom pilot that I had been thinking about forever, but was advised by ‘the industry’ that to get noticed enough for anyone to even pick-up the envelope containing my masterpiece I would need some writing credits. The best way to get these credits is to write sketches for ‘open door’ radio shows.

OK, I relunctantly said, I’ve never done sketches before but I’ll look out for said shows and give it a go. Some tumbleweed went by and a few clocks chimed but no ‘open door’ shows appeared. Then two appeared in the space of a few months – both topical sketch shows.

OK, I relunctantly said, I’ve never been into topical stuff (football and The Apprentice aside) but I’ll give it a go, especially as these shows came along with claims that ‘this will be a great opportunity to get into the industry/discover new talent’. So I wrote some sketches, got some rejected but got some broadcast too – Halle Berry! I’ve opened a door!

Since then the tumbleweed has come back and I can here the chimes getting louder, so I recently contacted a producer and asked if someone with my writing credits might be able to submit stuff to any number of shows on the radio. The short reply was to look out for more ‘open door’ opportunities, ie. go back to square one. Despite previously stressing that only a small percentage of people who submitted stuff got it broadcast, I’m no better off than those that got nothing.

Thankfully, other leads are now developing well and I’m opening a few doors into actually rooms rather than back onto the pavement. But its frustrating to have followed advice from the same people that don’t exactly back it up. Oh well…


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