Not a Bunch of WALL-E’s

Pixar Studios are not only the finest animators but possibly the finest film-makers at present too. Toy Story(s), Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., Nemo, Incredibles, Ratatouille and now WALL-E. Just look at their hit to miss ratio, can anyone boast better stats?

I went to see WALL-E last night and have to say that the hype doesn’t do it any favours. Its a good film, the adults maybe laughed more than the kids, visually it was amazing. The hype made the expectations almost unachievable though and WALL-E does look, act and sound a lot like Number 5 from Short Circuit (I wonder if he’s still alive?). I enjoyed it, but not as much as Toy Story, Nemo and Monsters Inc. (I do like toys and seafood).

The success of Pixar is that they not only produce visually amazing films but they have strong stories too. Also, the use of comedy helps it attract interest from all ages. WALL-E probably had the most adult-related messages and themes (Global Warming, litter, obesity = American’s) of their films but generally there is something for everyone. Although, Brits will notice Frank Spencer in the romantic musical footage WALL-E regularly watches. Seriously its hard to watch as a touching scene when you are thinking ‘when is he going to say, “Ooh Betty, I’ve done a woopsy in the corner.”‘

Another reason for their success is the fact that the stars of their films are not human in form but are so in nature. This means all races can identify with the characters giving the films greater appeal.

It’s a great setup they have, I can only admire and congratulate them. Through gritted-teeth, obviously.


3 responses to “Not a Bunch of WALL-E’s

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  2. Hey :s wall-e is such! better than any pixar or disney movie before. the characters desing, the story & the animation. i think you’re just getting old

  3. I think the only thing I can agree with you there is that I am getting old(er)!

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