Is There A Pilot On-Board?

One of the (many!) things that I’m supposed to be working on is a collaborative sketch show pilot that is (hopefully) going to be filmed in-house and put on the internet and sent to every production company that dared to declare itself as one – a viral of Ebola proportions.

It’s in the balance at the moment as we are waiting for a co-producer to approve the first batch of sketches and organise a crew to film it, but I think its a good move as the opportunities for new comedy writers (and broadcast ones!) are drying up and show-reels seem to be opening more doors for people. Plus it gives writers, performers and film-crew credits as well as personal show-reels, so hopefully its going to be a winning combination.

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. It obviously all relies on it getting made and then seen. Watch this space.


2 responses to “Is There A Pilot On-Board?

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  2. hello to every one – hope yous had a nice one – pity we didnt get snow was all prepared wi sledges kids loving it any ways , all the best for the comming year – mick b

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