Selling My Soul to the Devil?

So here is the newest dilemma… a lot harder than the mustard or pickle with a ham sandwich (the answer is: alternate). I have a decent list of movie ideas I’d like to write. The ones I am most interested in explore powerful ideas on life, the world and society but I also have ones with premises along the lines of ‘a group of anxiety sufferers get locked in a house for a week, all of them have chronic diarrhoea and the loo’s just broke.’ I’m thinking of not calling it ‘Shit House’.

So basically, I’m trying to decide whether to go down the meaningful soul-searching route or the commercial slapstick one. Part of me thinks ‘do the slapstick one as it may sell better and get more cash so you can write all the self-indulgent stuff you want – oh, and give up your full-time job to write,’ while part of me thinks ‘will I be remembered for a crock of shit?’ – quite literally if I write that made-up premise in paragraph 1.

Of course, of course, the main part of me (obviously, I have three) says I should be lucky to get anything read, let alone made. But its important to have a direction from the outset.


3 responses to “Selling My Soul to the Devil?

  1. I would suggest writing one of each – it’s always worth having a couple of different kinds of scripts in case someone reads the first and asks to see something else. Alternatively, is there any way you can get some of themes and ideas from your first set of ideas into the second lot of ideas?

  2. Yes, I’m going to write both and not be so prejudice with my own work 🙂
    They are different ideas and have different messages. I think I just didn’t like some ideas I had for the ‘Hollywood’ one but since then they have got better!

    Thanks for being the first to comment on my blog!!! I’m sure that title will be right up there in your achievements.

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