Writing off Mother

So it looks like the first feature spec I’m going to write is with my Mother. OK, so have you finished writing off my new ‘career’ yet?

I can understand that as most people’s Mum aren’t a published author, journalist or – more importantly – a person who has actually sold a spec script. Fortunately my Mum is all of the above and she’s been coming up with some great story ideas of late.

She’s not interested in writing the script, just getting a treatment made so its a good match at the moment. The only problem is our standards are so bloody high. We don’t send out our work until we think its great. Good is not enough. Good isn’t what we imagined it to be in the first place.

So this script may never cross anyone else’s eyes. I don’t even know why I’m writing about it. Oh yeah, because I’m avoiding doing it

My Dad came up with a good movie idea too, but I’ll leave that for when I’m really busy.

Oh, and yes I do have ideas of my own too!


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